Tourist Rental Licence In Alicante Region

As the weather warms up and we look towards summer, we are being asked by many clients about the laws regarding the letting of their properties for holiday rentals. Tourism in Spain has been reaching record levels over the last couple of years and this year is expected to be even higher. Renting out your holiday home can be a great source of income if it is not being used in the summer. Whilst many people still let their properties out with no licence, we recommend that if you are intending to let out your property, you should apply for a tourist licence. It is relatively inexpensive and as I found out when I did this for my own apartment, surprisingly easy to obtain. There is a form to fill in which you can find HERE and you will need an up to date habitation licence and energy efficiency certificate for the property. If you have bought in the last few years, you should have this but if not, it is something we can help with. The property has to meet certain basic requirements and incl…

Tinsa Price Comparison Tool

The above graph reminds us of where we are (and also of where we have been) in relation to the average price per square meter of residential property in Spain and for comparison purposes, the Alicante region (which in itself is very much a varied area). The source is TINSA, the valuation company.

10 Unbeatable Reasons for Moving to Spain

Well, thank goodness January has come and gone. With Brexit still in the news, and Donald Trump making headlines every day, January could not have seemed any longer, and we've even had some of the worst weather seen in generations here in Spain.
But today is February 1st, the sun is out and the skies are blue so what better than a quick reminder of why you really should be considering buying a property in Spain.

1. Moving to Spain is easy
Freedom of movement within the European Economic Area has been a God-send for anyone who fancies moving to Spain. There are no questions asked, no paperwork required – just by virtue of being an EU citizen, you already effectively are a Spanish citizen. Within one day you can be assigned your National Identity (NIE) Number which allows you to work. Really, it couldn´t be simpler.

2. The weather
You will have seen photos on Facebook of snow on the beaches of Javea or the village of Guadalest looking like an alpine resort, but this happens once eve…

Ultmate Homes Featured Properties - The Brexit Issue

We certainly do live in interesting times.

Last Thursday evening I went to bed at just after midnight and had read that Nigel Farage of UKIP had conceded defeat to the British "remain in the EU" voters. You know the rest, I woke up early on Friday morning to find that both Britain and Europe are to become divided and more fragmented than many of us can remember.

I will leave the politics to one side as there are many out there who are in a better position than me to comment further on that. The fact is though that following the referendum vote, nothing is going to change overnight (apart from the GBP/EUR exchange rate). The process of leaving the EU is likely to take at the very least two years. However, the weakened pound means that Spanish property has now become 10% more expensive for British buyers. At the time of writing 1 British Pound will purchase 1.208,50 Euros, compared to one week ago when it was equivalent to 1.32 Euros. The exchange rate will be volatile now for t…

How can you prepare yourself for Brexit?

We work closely with the currency exchange firm HIFX and have therefore reproduced this blog to help some of those who are still unclear how Brexit could affect you. "There’s now just over a month until Britain goes to the polls for the EU Referendum, and it’s still unclear what the outcome will be. With the latest result from the Financial Times Poll of Polls currently showing 46% stay, 44% leave and 10% undecided (as of 17th May 2016), it seems to be too close for anyone to call. This uncertainty appears to have been a significant factor in causing the Pound’s value to fall by around 9%since November 2015. It seems reasonable to assume that we will not see a recovery for as long as the uncertainty remains, although the longer term picture is harder to predict. But as we’ve discussed throughout our Brexit coverage, there are still options to help you prepare yourself during this period of volatility, whatever happens on 23rd June. While there’s not long to go, we know this is s…

Association of International Property Professionals

We are pleased to announce that with immediate effect, we are now members of the  Association of International Property Professionals
A sign of confidence in international property

The Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) exists for one reason and one reason alone: to improve standards of professionalism in the international property market.
When you see that a company is a Member of the AIPP it means that have voluntarily agreed to follow and be bound by the industry Code of Conduct.
By using AIPP Members, you get:
REASSURANCE …that a Member must act professionally
RECOURSE …to the AIPP if problems occur

The badge of membership is a reminder to you, the buyer, that a company must follow professional standards, and act with honesty, integrity and transparency.
As a Member of the AIPP, we have voluntarily committed ourselves to industry regulation. To verify our membership, to read the Code of Conduct, or to find out more about the AIPP, visit