Property completions total 650.000 in 2022

Like the view and want to know more - check it out here As the title says, property completions as reported by the Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE) reached almost 650.0000 operations (649,494 to be exact), a level not seen in 15 years. But and this is a big BUT, there was a major slowdown in December, which is to be expected however it's clear that interest rate rises and inflation worries have cooled the market. Since July last year, the ECB have stared increasing rates to 3% which has seen higher mortgage costs. So we have seen a drop off in December to 43.370 operations, a number which in itself is not bad - it's the month with the least activity since both February and April 2021 when property closings more or less ground to a halt due to covid. These numbers are covering the whole of Spain. In the Valencia region, and over the course of 2022, the number of operations closed is up 23.9% which along with the islands (Balearic and Canary) are the areas with the greates

Altea Apartment sold in ten days

Professional home-staging - this property was recently offered for sale, located in a 1970's building close to the beach and the main shopping street in  #altea  and in the space of ten working days it is already under offer. I really though this property was too expensive at 275,000 Euros, yes it was spacious and with a lift, but the building old. However, the apartment was reformed on the inside, and an interior designer was appointed to stage the apartment for sale and lo and behold, job done. Any opinions out there on home-staging, even in other countries?