Six reasons why now is the right time to be buying a home in Spain

The final quarter of the year, especially October and November, are often regarded as ideal months to embark on the purchase of a property.

Year-end closing for banking - Like other companies, financial institutions take stock and try to achieve the objectives set at the beginning of the year. That is why mortgage offers are better in recent months.

The backlog generated by the Mortgage Law - These regulations generated a delay in the signing of loans during the summer, requiring banks to have more thorough solvency checks. Thus, we will see a more hectic autumn than usual.

Low Euribor - The index to which variable mortgages are referenced in Spain remains in negative territory and there is little reason to expect sharp rebounds. The mortgage war to attract the client to the fixed mortgage continues.

Price stabilization - The residential markets of Madrid and Barcelona have seen prices stabilize, after several consecutive quarters of strong price growth. Now is a good time to negotiate p…
We are so lucky here on the Costa Blanca to still be enjoying balmy hot weather with temperatures of 25º + Celsius. Of course we had very serious storms a few weeks, and thank you to the many readers from afar that enquired for our safety having seen the reports on local news, but I am pleased to say that we were not too seriously affected in the north of the Alicante region!

So we have fewer tourists around, the sea is still warm, it's easier to park your car, and you can get a table and visit your favourite restaurant now - definitely my favourite time of year. Plus, we have had a very busy two to three weeks, with more viewings and some great new listings too. 

Without further ado, here are some of our current favourite properties, some new listings and those which are attracting the most interest - contact us by email or telephone on +34 966 112 773 if one of these might be of interest to you (or of course a friend).


Bedroom Three Bedroom Villa with pool 232,000 Euros

3 Bedro…

Ultimate Homes August HOT Properties

It's Friday (yahoo) and it has been an incredibly hot Summer so far during these crazy times of Brexit, a slowing world economy and Mr Trump picking fights with all and sundry. The optimism of the first quarter has faded, yet there are genuine reasons for the reported slow-down in completed property transactions:-

the number of off-plan property purchases is increasing dramatically with many international buyers drawn towards new and modern properties which do not complete at the notary office for 18 to 24 months, and therefore do not show in the property registrar nor notary property reports until completion.the change in the mortgage law in mid-June meant notaries and banks were at a loss on how to legally complete transactions, which led to a legitimate decline in the number of transactions involving mortgages in the month of June.British buyers are put off by the current exchange rate, but we have negotiated a recent sale based on a fixed GB pound price (feasible if there is no…

Summer 2019 has begun....

Yes, it's true, Summer 2019 begins today, in fact it officially begins at 17:54 Central European Time. Today is also the longest day and we are in the middle of Alicante's San Juan festivities. Weather experts are telling us we are in for a hotter than usual summer, but that is exactly what we would expect here in Spain. And if we do have a rainy day, rejoice as we do (on the coast anyway)!

Here are a few of our favourite properties, some new listings and those which are attracting a lot of enquiries on property portals of late - we would love to hear from you so contact us by email or telephone on +34 966 112 773 and let us know what you think.


Finestrat Old Town Townhouse 70,000 Euros
1 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom Corner Townhouse in the old town of Finestrat
Constructed Area: 84 sq. meters

Originally a property dating from 1840, this townhouse was restored by the current owners as a project ten years ago, since then it has been rented to close friends and family so well loo…